Name:			Gisela Kress

Date of birth:		June, 2nd, 1966

Place of birth:		Unterwurmbach, Germany 
Address:		USA: 1562 Waller Street, San Francisco, CA 94117, Phone: 415.867.5936
			Germany : Bleichstrasse 22, 90429 Nürnberg, Tel: 0170-3473500
Family status:		married

US visa status:		Green Card holder



1989-1995		Study at the University of Applied Sciences Nuernberg in 

			Computer Science

                    		Diploma in Computer Science (equivalent to Bachelors Degree) (leaving certificate page2, page3)

1986-1989		Study at the University of Erlangen/Nuernberg in Economics
1976-1985		Gunzenhausen High School and College


Working Experience

since 7/03		Software Engineer, Heitec AG, Erlangen, Germany
4/98 - 6/03		Software Consultant, ORACLE Germany

3/96 - 3/98		Software Engineer, Siemens AG, Nuernberg, Industrial and Building
1994 - 95 		Thesis at MID Software Ltd., Nuernberg
1993			6 months internship at Siemens AG, Nuernberg

Courses and workshops Technical Qualifications
Projects at Oracle and Siemens Thesis at MID and Internship project